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    Hello, I’ve attached a small project that gives strange results. It has an XSD imported, the XSD is a slight variation of one taken from documentation.

    The question is, how are XML types with sequences handled? According to my understanding of the documentation, the elements of a sequence should be processed in exactly the given order. But this is, unfortunately, not what happens.

    Instead, after the import, one finds the E2E builder has re-ordered the elements, namely the ones with simple types first, followed by the ones that are associations.

    The observed behaviour is that when we parse a PurchaseOrderType with the elements shipTo, orderDate, billTo (in that order, as specified by the XSD), only the shipTo has been taken over, the rest is ignored.


    1. Shouldn’t the class members have the “Order” tagged value set?

    2. If so, why aren’t they set by the Import?

    3. Why is the order of the class members different from what is given in the xsd:sequence?

    4. Why is there an error Pop up on Import of the XSD, without telling what the error is (see screenshot)?

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    (This applies to builder 7 and 6 as well.)


    Hi Ingo,

    The xsd:sequence violation was indeed a bug in the XSD importer that I reported only recently. You will need to install the latest E2EBuilder (6.0.29+ for release 6, or 7.1.0+ for release 7) to have it fixed, and re-import the XSD. The error popup might vanish as well, then. If not, please come back so we can investigate that further.

    Kind regards,


    Thank you, Dirk, we’ll try that.

    Kind Regards

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