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    I’m sure every Bridge user has his own list of favorite capabilities. Here’s mine:

    1. Documentation = Code – once you’re done with the spec, you’re done. single source of truth. simply unbeatable.
    2. Process Execution and Persistent State Objects – executable state charts at their very best.
    3. Model Driven Security Interceptor – clear separation of concerns. pure genius.
    4. Unified Backend Abstraction – keeps things simple, even if they are complex.
    5. Model Debugging and Monitoring – someone had to invent this.

    What’s yours? Let’s discuss!


    1. Ability to trace the whole service call from begin to the end with the E2E Analyzer – snchronous and asynchronous
    2. Generate executable models out of business process models with having all the hooks for time based events, history state and Re-execution.
    3. Having a powerful scripting language accessible within the UML models, e.g . hash-maps, SQL like expresssion for the array handling, etc.
    4. Having many possiblities to ananlyze errors at runtime (several meaningful log files with stack traces, History log, event log, monitor service) – so you are very fast finding the cause of the error
    5. The upcoming Service- and Process-Dashboard!


    I also like the way we can debug a service. On contrast to the Analyzer where you actually record the service execution at runtime and examine the trace, you can directly set a breakpoint on an action within the model. With the Interactive Debugger you can step through the model at runtime and check all execution paths and object values. This works even for asynchronous activities like in persistent state machines.
    See also in the FAQ: How does debugging work with the E2E Bridge?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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