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Smart replace of special characters by normal characters

E2E Forum Modeling & Development Smart replace of special characters by normal characters

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    I’ve got the requirement to replace replace of special characters by normal characters. For instance, ö becomes o; á becomes a, č becomes c, etc.

    The background is, that we have customers from all over Europe and they enter their addresses. We have to forward these addresses to a service provider which is unfortunately not able to handle special characters.

    The obvious Idea is to have a mapping list where all replacements are defined and then iterate over this list in order to replace all the special characters in the address.

    This will work of course, but I don’t like it. First i have to manage all possible values (probably 100 or even more) in a list, seconds I have to iterate over this list with the different address parts like name, street, city, etc.

    Is there not a smarter approach ? Maybe by transforming and using an encoding that does not support such special characters, i.e. ASCII as encoding, could this work ? Or are there any other suggestions ?




    Marcel R.

    Use a hash-table. I don’t know any other approach. See also the discussions and links in



    In deed, approach with encoding to ASCII does not work, the diacritic characters are going lost.

    I have also made some research in WWW. Best approach I could find currently is The Java Script approach is maybe a little more efficient as iterating over a list of value mappings and apply the replace() function.

    I’ll keep you updated in case i have really to implement the requirement 😉



    ICU can do a transformation from Latin to ASCII

    If this ICU transformation is the correct solution for you Andi and you really have to implement it then we can enhance the Bridge with a string method to do a transformation implemented with ICU.

    Here you find more information about ICU transformations.



    Hi Alfred,

    I’m not sure. I understand from the xml you refer that it defines rules how to transform Latin to ASCII. But i could not find a such a rule for simple diacritics like ä, é, etc.

    But when you can implement functionality as in, this would solve my problem. When inserting sample ‘Accents’, use Latin in source1 and ASCII in target1, then i get the result in need to have:


    “La mort d’Olivier Bécaille” — Émile Zola;
    “Das Vermächtnis des alten Pilgers” von Rainer M. Schröder (Österreich, ÖVP);
    “Smyčcový koncert As dur” — Antonín Dvořák.
    objektiv på 32 mm, og 8x forstørrelse.

    “La mort d’Olivier Becaille” — Emile Zola;
    “Das Vermachtnis des alten Pilgers” von Rainer M. Schroder (Osterreich, OVP);
    “Smyccovy koncert As dur” — Antonin Dvorak.
    objektiv pa 32 mm, og 8x forstorrelse.


    Can you implement this functionality ?



    Hi Andi,

    yes I can implement the same functionality. In the document I found this comment: “Here we remove accents from Latin characters.”



    Hi Alfred,

    i have checked it again with my customer, and yes, this is exactly what would solve the problem. So, I’m looking forward for this new feature in E2E Bridge ! 🙂

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