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    I am using a service based on the sapTRFCServer example to receive idocs from our sap system. this service is registered on the sap gateway and it is visible as an entry using the transaction smgw.
    The problem i am having is that sometimes the entry is missing on the gateway but the sapTRFCserver service is still running on the bridge.
    It is no longer registered on the gateway and cannot receive idocs.
    Is there a way to restart this automatically ? i am able to detect when the service is no longer registered on the gateway but i need a way to register the service again when this occurs.


    This is the first time I hear this sort of problem.

    Which version of the xUML Runtime do you use?
    Do you use old SAP or SAP NW library?

    In case of an communication you should get this error:
    [SAPADLM][11][An error occurred while waiting for an SAP request. Will retry in 60 seconds.

    And it should automatically reconnect.

    Do you get errors in the log file?

    At last resort you can restart the service.


    The runtime version is 2015.17 [BASE,SAPNW].
    Do i need to set the sap trace option in order to get the message ?
    I really need this mechanism to restart by itself is possible.


    No, you do not need to do anything to receive the message. It is an error message which you should get in the bridgeserver_*.log.

    Please enable SAP trace and send to support the SAP trace and the bridgeserver_*.log. You should also tell during which time it disappears from the gateway.


    I have updated the builder runtime to match the version of the bridge which is 2015.17.
    I have compiled and deployed all relevant interfaces with the new runtime and will let you know if this error occurs.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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