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    This week Docker got a lot of attention because they announced new features and they formed together with other companies the Open Container Project.

    Perhaps you asked yourself already if cool technologies like E2E Bridge and Docker can work together.

    It is straightforward to run the E2E Bridge as Docker container.

    Create a Dockerfile which describes your container:

    FROM java:8-jre
    ADD E2EBridgeInstaller-linux-64-*.jar /E2EBridge.jar
    ADD guilessinstaller.properties /guilessinstaller.properties
    RUN java -jar /E2EBridge.jar -guiless -installproperties /guilessinstaller.properties \
     && cat /opt/e2e_bridge_prog/bin/properties.sh | sed 's/\# _PROCESSOR=x86/_PROCESSOR=x86/' > /opt/e2e_bridge_prog/bin/properties.sh.new \
     && cp /opt/e2e_bridge_prog/bin/properties.sh.new /opt/e2e_bridge_prog/bin/properties.sh \
     && rm /E2EBridge.jar
    ADD e2e_bridge.sh /opt/e2e_bridge_prog/bin/e2e_bridge.sh
    EXPOSE 8080
    CMD ["/opt/e2e_bridge_prog/bin/e2e_bridge.sh"]

    In the directory where you created the Dockerfile you need also a guilessinstaller.properties file, the E2E Bridge installation file for 64-bit Linux E2EBridgeInstaller-linux-64-*.jar and a special startup file called e2e_bridge.sh.

    You find the content of the startup file e2e_bridge.sh at the bottom of this post.

    Now you can create a Docker image with name e2ebridge:

    docker build -t e2ebridge: .

    And finally create and run the Docker Container:

    docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -t e2ebridge:

    All ports you want to access must be exported with -p or with other docker port commands.
    If you run it with option -it you can stop the E2E Bridge and the container with ctrl-c.

    Open a browser at https://your.host:8080 to login to the E2E Console and use your first E2E Bridge Docker container.

    Learn More about E2E Bridge

    Latest features E2E Developer News 2015 | 03

    Startup file e2e_bridge.sh has this content:

    export CONSOLE_HOME
    # source console properties
    . "$CONSOLE_HOME/bin/properties.sh"
    # services directory
    export SERVICES_HOME
    $ECHO "Starting E2E Bridge (stop with ctrl-c): "
    # set environment
    # set CLASSPATH environment
    # change to home directory
    # no core dumps
    ulimit -S -c 0
    $JAVA -classpath "$CLASSPATH" -Dconsole.home="$CONSOLE_HOME" -Dinstance.home="$SERVICES_HOME" -Dcatalina.base="$SERVICES_HOME" -Dcatalina.home="$TOMCAT_HOME" -Djava.io.tmpdir="$SERVICES_HOME/tmp" -Xmx192m org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap start -config "$SERVICES_HOME/conf/server.xml"
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