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Response message lost after choice and UIGuardedTransition?

E2E Forum User Interfaces Response message lost after choice and UIGuardedTransition?

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    Harald Tempelman

    I have the following situation:

    From a main panel a button is clicked. This button triggers a service call. The service call executes a SOAP service. The SOAP service returns an error result (0 = ok, otherwise error) and an array of errror messages.

    From the service call an result message is created containing the result code, a resultNotOk boolean and the error messages.

    The result code and error messages are bound to elements in a message pop-up window; the resultNotOk is bound to a resultNotOk property in the UI Controller.

    Whenever the resultNotOk is true, I want a message pop-up window displaying the error code and error messages. Whenever everything is ok, this message window must not be shown and we should immediately go back to the main window.

    I tried to implement this by adding a choice after the service call and before the message window. From that choice the default UIGuardedTransition is going back to the main window and a UIGuardedTransition with guard  resultNotOk is going to the message window.

    The choice is performed ok, but the result message coming from the UITransition service call is not mapped onto the message window elements?

    Is it true that the response message is reset after a choice/UIGuardedTransition flow? Do I have to implement a new service call to the UIGuardedTransition in order to provide the result message to the message window? This seems quite inefficient.

    What is the best approach to implement this scenario?


    I would suggest you to bind controller properties to the result code and error message of the service response. Then you could bind the UI elements to these controller properties.

    The problem here is that you have an array of errors and controller properties cannot be arrays.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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