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Refresh table using TableFilterRequest

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    We have a UI model, using a Table in combination with TableFilterRequest.
    When populating the table, the TableFilterRequest is passed to a service, and the search attribute works as expected.

    Inside the table row we have placed a “details” button, with through a UI transition displays a details page.
    The details page allows the selected row to be edited. This page has also a back button.

    Our first approach was, when the Back button is clicked, call the service again, to show the most recent data.
    But, the transition from “details” to “table” page does not have a value for TableFilterRequest.
    This results in the search criteria being lost, all rows are displayed.
    The “search” field still shows the selection criteria, but the transition action script shows “NULL”.

    Second approach was to do nothing when making the transition back to the “table” page.
    In this case, the search criteria are not lost. But, the “edited” row was not refreshed with new data.

    How can I refresh the “table” page after a transition without losing the search criteria?


    Hello Frans,

    There is a possibility to refresh the dataTable using javascript.


    Where “TableElementName” is the name of the model element.

    The way is then to call a javascript operation in the back transition.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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