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    It would be great to have an option which would make an object (simple type or complex) to be persisted to adatabase (sqlite). Sometimes there are big result sets from databases or flat file needed but using up a lot of memory. The PSObject could be accessed from a local pool or global object pool also via other services running on the same node. A configuration which gives the object a lifetime can be used to keep things clean.

    Happy for a discussion on this topic



    Hi Georg,

    I’ve used already SQLite Database in Memory in order to persist results from a back end and be able to access on these data in a fast and handy way. I create tables at runtime, insert the result set into it and use select-statements with any criteria I need.

    I used storage medium because memory consumption was not an issue, but performance. But basically I think, the same should be possible with a SQLite Database on the file system.

    Cheers, Andi



    Magandang umaga Georg,

    I remember we had a case where we used rather big data files in a PS Object in another Project (about 10MB), this made the PS-Handlers actually really slow. What we did there was build up a simple Database where we stored those files with a key and saved only the key in the PS Object.

    Cheers, Django



    I was thinking of a generic solution. will be building a framework perhaps that will handle that. thanks a lot for your replies, will keep you posted.



    I think Christof has a rather generic Service you can import that handles this. You input like Process ID and type of File you request, and you get a blob back. Same the other way around to insert a document. Maybe you can ask him for the service.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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