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    For a customer I have to create multiple proxy nodes in front of some E2E services in order to be able to separate the traffic and usage of different certificates.

    I understood from the reference guide that a proxy node corresponds with a VirtualHost in Apache. Each service is a location within the VirtualHost.

    The first proxy worked flawless. I could install the service and all worked fine.

    I now created a second proxy node (in my case: trusted_lan.tm7net.local). Creation of the proxy succeeded. I end up with the following situation as you can see in the attached file proxyoverview.png.

    I have a model which should be landing on the new proxy node. The component diagram is depicted in component.png.

    When I try to install it, the system responds with ‘Unknown node trusted_lan.tm7net.local’. See deploy.png and log-entries below:

    2015-03-23 07:50:41 [ERROR] DomainGetNode[186413147].DomainGetNode(): ch.e2e.console.tools.HttpCommunicationException: Unknown node ‘trusted_lan.tm7net.local’!
    2015-03-23 07:50:41 [WARNING] Deploy[2014604303].stateUploadBridge(): ch.e2e.console.soap.SOAPException: Unknown node ‘trusted_lan.tm7net.local’!
    2015-03-23 07:50:41 [ERROR] Deploy[2014604303].stateExecute(): ch.e2e.console.adminserver.AdminServerServletException: Unknown node ‘trusted_lan.tm7net.local’!

    In the end I added the trusted_lan.tm7net.local to the E2E bridge server’s host file (since the proxy node was not known in the DNS), but that did not solve the problem.

    Could you tell me what I am doing wrong?


    Hi Harald,
    we are not sure what is going wrong here. We need to investigate it.

    Can you please send us your Builder Project to support(at)e2e.ch. Then we try to reproduce the problem and are able to analyze it.



    Hello Harald,
    we have checked it internally and we have found, that your proxy settings in the component.png are not correct.

    In the ‘Proxy Host’ property, you should have value “localhost” (or e2e.tm7net.local if you prefer). This is the deployment host.

    Then in the ‘External Proxy Host’ you put the host name as seen by the client. In your case you should set value ‘trusted_lan.tm7net.local’.

    The documentation is maybe not clear, we will review it accordingly.

    Please let us know, if this solves your problem or not.



    Hi Andi,

    I changed the deployment model and it worked.

    To be able to dispatch the model in both our own test environment, having a different domain than the customer’s domain, I only put “trusted_lan” into the External Proxy Host. The system itself applies the appropriate domain, therefore no need to change the model for different deployments.

    Thanks for your support.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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