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    The following features around logfiles would be awesome to have:

    1. Logfile settings in the composite service. Following would be good to make configurable:
    – Log Rotation (daily, hourly or minutes to be flexible)

    2. As with our project, we have a java adapter which writes logs into the composite service logs directory. It would be great if these logs could also be displayed in the E2E Console.


    1. Log Rotation
    We will improve the log rotation to hourly and daily but not per minute. This is tracked with CON-981.

    2. Java Adapter Log Files
    – If you log to System.out or System.err in the Java adapter then the output will be written to bridgeserver.log.
    – At the moment only files which start with “start”, “stop”, “transaction” or “bridgeserver” and have the extension “.log” are displayed. So as a workaround you can name your log files with this pattern.
    We will remove the restriction in the future (CON-982).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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