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How can I write ASCII control characters in a Flat File?

E2E Forum Modeling & Development How can I write ASCII control characters in a Flat File?

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    To write FF (Form Feed) into the first line of a flat file with compose, you cannot do it directly. Proceed as follows:

    The first line must be defined as a Blob. This means that thus line is not set in the Flat File Record object. Afterwards, you call concatBlob() in order to concatenate th first line Blob with the Flat File Blob. It is not very comfortable, but still an easy way to do.

    local formFeed = convertHexToBlob(“0C”)
    local header = “@@na2″
    local lineBreak = text(“n”)
    set firstLine = formFeed.concatBlob(header.transcodeToBlob(“ISO-8859-1″), formFeed, lineBreak.transcodeToBlob(“ISO-8859-1″))

    Before the flat file adapter action “Write Flat File” you must concatenate the Blobs:

    set data = firstLine.concatBlob(data)

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