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    Björn Rödiger


    We had the problem, that the response time of a backend webservice was 2 seconds.

    Unacceptable for the service consumer, who could prove, that a self-developed ASP.NET service could reach a much faster response time, around 50ms.

    We could verify these results with SOAP-UI.

    So I´ve analyzed the E2E Log and found these entry:
    [2013-07-23 10:52:52 +0200][Debug][External][CURL][Info][Done waiting for 100-continue]

    It seems, that the e2ebridge-service is wating for 2 seconds and after not receiving it, it continues.
    SOAP-UI is just receiving the HTTP-Status “200-OK”, so there is no delay.

    I´ve added the HeaderField “Expect:” to the URLMeassage as find attached in the screenshot.

    After implementing this, we could reach the required 50ms of response time.


    Dear Björn,

    thank you for the interesting posting.

    I do not understand why this two second delay happens. As long as the workaround works for you I will not analyze it in more detail.

    PS: You wrote the first forum entry as somebody who is not an E2E employee. Congratulation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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