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    The E2E Server Domain concept is described here: http://docu.e2ebridge.com/E2E+Server+Domains

    A domain offers

    1. If your service uses a proxy, the proxy can be deployed on one node and the service on another node.
    2. Central management of Console users.
    3. One browser URL that provides access to all to all Console nodes.

     What you have to keep in mind

    • Console Update: all nodes must have installed the same Console version. Operating with different versions is not supported.
    • With every click in the web-bases interface a new HTML page will  be loaded. On every HTML page the complete left-hand side navigation panel is included. This means, the more nodes you have in the server domain the longer it takes to render the HTML page. If a node fails it even gets slower, as the rendering engine has to wait for the timeout of the requested node that failed.
    • The Console communicates with the other nodes via https over the normal port (default 8080). The Console, whose URL is entered in the browser is the client and sends requests to the other Console nodes (server).


    • For robust setups in productive environments that should have low dependencies between the systems, you should use server domains only with special care. We recommend to use it only for proxy requirements (see 1) above).
    • Regarding 2) it is less convenient when not using server domains. However, one can also copy the user definition file (XML) from one node to the other manually (Console users will not be changed often in practice).
    • Regarding 3), single bookmarks to Console nodes when not using the server domain will do the job, too.
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