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    Running the BRIDGE as a Docker Container

    Since several years, we use Docker to run the BRIDGE for our private Cloud offering. We also heavily use it to run our integration tests in isolation. Such a test scenario includes regtestrunner, Bridge and several back-ends like for example an Oracle database.

    Starting with BRIDGE 7.5, we provide you with a Docker image for the BRIDGE. With such an image it is very easy to set-up a new BRIDGE, and updating the BRIDGE is done in seconds.

    Several things are ready to use with the Docker image:

    • Oracle database client library
    • Microsoft SQL Server client library
    • MySQL client library
    • sudo setup to use ports below 1024

    We also use the Docker multi step build technique to reduce the size of the Docker image. At the moment it has a size of 950 MB.
    Read our BRIDGE installation pages to find out more: You get detailed information about how to install the Docker image, update the Docker image, remove the Docker image and about how to create your own Docker image.

    The BRIDGE Docker image can be downloaded via our FTP server.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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