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    With this edition of our Developer Newsletter we inform you about the latest features and bug fixes of the BRIDGE 7 software components. As usual, you can find all details in both releases in our release notes that are provided in our Online Documentation.

    New With This Release

    This release comes with several new features:

    • a new adapter to read the details of an alias
    • new persistent state control features:
      • a Persistent State Control Adapter to retrieve persistent state metadata within a service (self)
      • an xUML Runtime API to retrieve persistent state metadata of other services
    • define your own API Management reports with Kibana

    The BRIDGE is now also supported on Windows Server 2019.

    New Adapter: Alias Reader

    The Alias Reader enables you to get the details that have been specified on any alias from the component diagram. You can now get the alias details with an action node with stereotype <<AliasReader>>.

    This adapter replaces the deployment macros get…FromAlias(). Refer to our online documentation for more information.

    New Adapter: Persistent State Control Adapter

    The Persistent State Control Adapter gives access to persistent state metadata directly from within a service (self context). With this adapter, you can:

    • list all persistent state owners
    • get the name of an owner
    • list all available persistent state classes
    • get an object count per persistent state class
    • get the persistent state metadata
    • query persistent state objects
    • delete persistent state objects

    The query functionality in particular is powerful and allows for very complex queries.
    See Retrieving Persistent State Metadata with the PersistentStateControl Adapter in our online documentation for more details.

    xUML Runtime API

    As of this version, the xUML Runtime provides a REST interface to the controller service of each xUML service. Initially, you can access persistent state resources via this API but we plan to add more service related resources.

    Bridges as of BRIDGE 7.5.0 provide an OpenAPI 2.0 Specification of the controller service for documentation and testing purposes. Via a link on the xUML service page, you can access a REST service documentation page where you can inspect the service interface and make HTTP calls on the service.

    API Management Reports With Kibana

    Kibana is an open source analytics and visualization tool designed to work with Elasticsearch. With Kibana you can search, view, and interact with data stored in Elasticsearch indices. You can perform advanced data analysis and visualize your data in a variety of charts, tables, and maps.

    We have also created some visualization templates for you to use and adapt to your needs, so you do not need to start from scratch with your reports.

    The Release at a Glance


    • 7.5.1
    • contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.7


    • 7.5.1
    • contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.7


    • 7.5.1


    • 2019.7


    • 7.4.0


    • 19.1.2


    • 3.3.0

    What’s New in Detail

    xUML RUNTIME 2019.7

    • Features and Improvements
      • Updated libssh2 to 1.9.0
      • Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1b
      • Updated OpenLDAP to 2.4.47
      • Updated curl to 7.64.1
      • Updated MIT Kerberos to 1.17
      • Query alias values at runtime (see Alias Reader)
      • Utility function to parse and build URLs (parseUrl() Function and composeUrl() Function)
      • REST interface for persistent state control port actions (see xUML Runtime API)
      • Do not serialize DataItem attributes marked by the compiler (see Attribute Specification > Visibility)
      • User Interface: Respect browser language for custom UI data tables
      • Reduce severity of reporting missing startup / shutdown activities
    •  Fixed
      • Persistent State modifying commands do not work if runtime is stopped (SQL Server only)
      • Persistent State objects lost due to ownership change
      • Memory corruption if component name is long
      • Runtime tries to start trace port for each tab file
      • ZIP Adapter generates invalid zip for big data
      • Memory leak 10-20 bytes per REST service call (introduced 2018.5)
      • Two services with same control port will start (introduced 2018.12)
      • URL adapter should always return httpStatus and httpHeaderParameters even with stream
      • Can not stop xUML service with Console <= and Builder (introduced 2018.12)
      • Log level change not fully applied to SOAP and HTTP service (introduced 2016.1)
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see xUML RUNTIME Release Notes).

    BRIDGE 7.5.1

    • This BRIDGE version contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.7.
    • Features and Improvements
      • Apache httpd 2.4.39
      • Node.js 8.16.0 and npm 6.4.1
      • Bridge API: Add ID to soapInfo in /services/xuml/{name}/info
      • Bridge API: Self URL should show the canonical URL
      • Bridge API: Success message for REST
      • If log file does not end with a new line, it’ll be joined with the first line of the next file
      • Add subjectAlternativeName to created certificate
    • Fixed
      • Error is not submitted to monitoring component
      • LogSearch does not show DOACTION_* entries in transaction log
      • Analyzer can access traces without valid username or password
      • Control port changes not handled correctly
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see BRIDGE 7 Release Notes).

    BUILDER 7.5.1

    • This BUILDER version contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.7.
    • Features and Improvements
    • Fixed
      • Compiler: Service Repositories from library projects are not deploy-able
      • Compiler: Builder generates wrong trace port
      • Importer: Importer does not import each overloaded operation from a Library class
      • Remove static module paths from model templates
      • Cannot open Run / Debug view in MD if service not running
      • Library Wizard ignores abstract classes
      • httpStatus is not given as output for URL adapter with streamTarget
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see BUILDER 7 Release Notes).

    ANALYZER 7.5.1

    • Features and Improvements
      • Trace Analyzer: Recognize <<AliasReader>> (see Alias Reader)
    • Fixed
      • Regression Test Tool: RegTestRunner should fail if xUML compile fails
      • Regression Test Tool: Failed deployment not reported
      • Trace Analyzer: Analyzer does not show minus sign hard coded in action script
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see ANALYZER 7 Release Notes).



    • Improvements
      • Analysis: all units can be suppressed
      • Change tooltip of analytics area in admin-app
    • Fixed
      • Instances List Process Id header is undefined
      • Infinity spinner while loading instance list with relative time filter
      • Profile names get displayed as “undefined”
      • Moving elements with the Explorer is buggy
      • Admin templates are not available for other users
      • Admin cannot delete Admin Templates
      • Filter “Last Update” in instance list does not apply
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see Process Mining Release Notes).


    • Improvements
      • Update sapnwrfcsdk to version 7.50
      • Support Node.js 8.16.0 (see Installing the RESTifier for SAP®)
      • Restifier package works with any new Node.js version
      • API: Add timestamp to stdout and stderr
      • API: Use node.js N-API interface
    • Fixed
      • Exception if trying to search without building cache first
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see RESTifier for SAP Release Notes).
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