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    End of MagicDraw 17 Support

    As MagicDraw 17 uses an outdated Java version and is not supported by NoMagic anymore, we hereby kindly announce that we will cease MagicDraw 17 support as of end 2019.
    From 2020 on, we will not provide software updates for Scheer PAS BUILDER for MagicDraw 17 anymore.

    What does that mean for my company?

    • Scheer PAS BUILDER (version 6 and 7) will only be delivered to be used with MagicDraw 18.
    • You can still use¬†MagicDraw 17 and Scheer PAS BUILDER version 6 without limitation after 2019, but you will not get software updates any longer.
    • Repositories that have been compiled with BUILDER 6 on MagicDraw 17 will still run on the latest BRIDGEs. You do not need to re-compile all your services.

    Nevertheless, we recommend to upgrade to MagicDraw 18 and BRIDGE 7. MagicDraw 18 offers a lot of interesting new features, e.g.

    • improved modeling efficiency
    • find and replace model elements
    • improved parameter creation
    • and more …

    Please find a list of MagicDraw 18 features in our online documentation.

    Project migration from MagicDraw 17 to MagicDraw 18 is done automatically. Find more information on this and some MagicDraw 18 hints in our online documentation on Migrating Builder Projects to MagicDraw 18.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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