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    With this edition of our Developer Newsletter we inform you about the latest features and bug fixes of the BRIDGE 7 software components. As usual, you can find all details in both releases in our release notes that are provided in our Online Documentation.

    New Persistent State Algorithm: Favour Objects/Favour Signals

    The xUML Runtime processes the persistent state events in a defined order. As of RUNTIME 2019.3 and BUILDER 7.4.0, you can select the event selection algorithm the xUML Runtime should use to define this order of events.

    • Favour Signals
      The Runtime processes events according to signal appearance. Signals that have arrived earlier – independent which object is concerned – are processed before newer signals.
      This is the default algorithm which the RUNTIME also used before this change.
    • Favour Objects
      The Runtime processes events according to object age. Signals of older objects are processed in advance of signals of newer objects.

    Refer to Performance Considerations of Persistent State > Event Selection Algorithm for more details on when to use which algorithm.

    New: Change Log Table in Model Documentation

    The Builder templates now provide a simple change log table for the modeler to fill in. The change log will be visible on the Bridge on service deployment:

    This helps Bridge operators to keep track with service changes. Read more on Model Documentation.

    The Release at a Glance


    • 7.4.0
    • contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.3


    • 7.4.1
    • contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.3


    • 7.4.1


    • 2019.3

    What’s New in Detail

    xUML RUNTIME 2019.3

    • Features and Improvements
    •  Fixed
      • Can not stop xUML service with Console <= and Builder (introduced 2018.12)
      • JSON Parser crashes on unbalanced object/array end
      • REST Service: empty body causes creation of body parameter with wrong metadata
      • Log level change not fully applied to SOAP and HTTP service (introduced 2016.1)
      • Persistent State date filters do not work (introduced 2018.12)
      • Persistent State: Primary Key Search fails if the primary key is defined out of order (introduced 2018.12)
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see xUML RUNTIME Release Notes).

    BRIDGE 7.4.0

    • This BRIDGE version contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.3.
    • Features and Improvements
    • Fixed
      • Domain: list of referenced services by global setting variables is wrong
      • If a process has no name the port list doesn’t show anything (see xUML Service Ports)
      • Custom logs mixed up when names are too similar
      • Bridge API: Bridge API: Changing log level does not notify the runtime
      • After password change, credentials are auto-filled into search box and SQL password on settings page
      • xUML Variables not shown in IE11
      • After auto-restart after crash, xUML service has no PID and kill button is disabled (introduced in 7.2.0)
      • NodeJS service is stopped but still displayed as running (introduced in 7.2.0)
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see BRIDGE 7 Release Notes).

    BUILDER 7.4.1

    • This BUILDER version contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.3.
    • Features and Improvements
    • Fixed
      • Compiler: Compiler should complain when two behavioral stereotypes are set on one adapter
      • Missing pin step in Action Wizard for FlatFile adapter
      • Event observer: Tagged value “firstOccurrence” not visible in specification
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see BUILDER 7 Release Notes).

    ANALYZER 7.4.1

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