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    With this edition of our Developer Newsletter we inform you about the latest bug fixes of the BRIDGE 6 software components. As usual, you can find all details in both releases in our release notes that are provided in our Online Documentation.

    The Release at a Glance


    • 6.0.68
    • contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.3


    • 6.0.30
    • contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.3


    • 6.0.30


    • 2019.3

    What’s New in Detail

    xUML RUNTIME 2019.3

    •  Fixed
      • Can not stop xUML service with Console <= and Builder (introduced 2018.12)
      • JSON Parser crashes on unbalanced object/array end
      • REST Service: empty body causes creation of body parameter with wrong metadata
      • Log level change not fully applied to SOAP and HTTP service (introduced 2016.1)
      • Persistent State date filters do not work (introduced 2018.12)
      • Persistent State: Primary Key Search fails if the primary key is defined out of order (introduced 2018.12)
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see xUML RUNTIME Release Notes).

    BRIDGE 6.0.68

    • This BRIDGE version contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.3.
    • Features and Improvements
    • Fixed
      • Persistent State date filters does not work
      • Primary Key Search for Persistent State Objects fails: Failed to calculate hash from primary key
      • Umlauts in bridgeserver.log are not displayed correctly
      • HttpCommunication: Make sure to close resources
      • Swagger documentation not shown from model HTML doc elements
      • Error handling of Node.js service settings doesn’t work
      • Installer: Log file is truncated
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see BRIDGE 6 Release Notes).

    BUILDER 6.0.30

    • This BUILDER version contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.3.
    • Fixed
      • Importer: Re-import of BPMN removes substatemachine on compensation state
      • Importer: Importing an archive file resource fails without messages
      • Importer: FlatFileDef Importer creates nonsense tagged values
      • Compiler: Previous errors are not shown if exception occurs
      • Compiler: XPathException when recursive UI Service interface
      • Compiler: Row transition fails with server side pagination
      • Wizard: Component Diagram Wizard does not recognize REST Error Class
      • Wizard: Edit Component Wizard overwrites always encoding style of SOAP service
      • Wizard: Missing pin step in Action Wizard for FlatFile adapter
      • Event observer: Tagged value “firstOccurrence” not visible in specification
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see BUILDER 6 Release Notes).

    ANALYZER 6.0.30

    • Features and Improvements
      • Regression Test Tool: Support Bridge 7.2.0 without TLSv1.0
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see ANALYZER 6 Release Notes).
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