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    With this edition of our Developer Newsletter we inform you about the latest features and bug fixes of the BRIDGE 7 software components. As usual, you find all details in our release notes that are provided in our Online Documentation.

    End of Life Platforms

    As we have already communicated with our Developer News 2017.4, BRIDGE 5.1 has reached the end of its life-cycle and will no longer be supported.

    Together with that, support for Windows and Linux 32-bit platforms has terminated. As of Runtime 2019.1, only builds for Windows and Linux 64-bit are available.

    End of this year, BRIDGE 6 will reach the end of its active phase and switch to maintenance phase. In maintenance phase, you will continue to get bug fixes for BRIDGE 6. New features and improvements will be implemented to the latest BRIDGE version, however.

    Compatibility Hints

    • With BRIDGE 7.2.0, we have updated the Java version to 11.0.2. To install BRIDGEs as of this version, you need to use Java 11.x.
    • As of BRIDGE 7.2.0, the BRIDGE and Apache proxy accept TLS 1.3 connections. TLS 1.0 is no longer supported in the default configuration.
    • If updating an installation of API Management, follow the steps listed on Updating API Management and pay attention to the migration notes that are listed on the API Management Release Notes page.

    Find out more about BRIDGE 7 on What’s new in BRIDGE 7?. Our BRIDGE 7 Migration Guide will help you with the task of migrating your BRIDGE instance and services.

    New in API Management

    With API Management 7.3.0, we fixed 11 bugs, added 2 new features and 14 improvements, and contributed 5 pull requests to the original apiman project. We continued to improve the setup and installation process to make it even easier to get started – so have a look at our brand new API Management Installation Guide . This guide now also contains a section that describes all steps for updating an API Management installation.

    Most Important Bugfixes and Improvements

    • We improved the API Management availability. If Elasticsearch stops, all published APIs that have been used before will stay alive.
    • The API Management UI will redirect you to the appropriate page if your session has expired.
    • The API metrics display the corresponding values when you hover over the diagram.

    Distributed Setup

    You can install API Management in a distributed and/or clustered setup:

    • Distributed Setup
      The API Management gateway resides in a DMZ, other services are behind the DMZ.
    • Clustering
      Each gateway you setup to point to the same Elasticsearch instance will automatically join the cluster, and each gateway will provide all published APIs.

    This advanced setup is not part of the normal installer. If you want to install such a setup, please contact us at support@e2ebridge.com. We will provide the necessary files and help you with the installation.

    The Release at a Glance


    • 7.2.0
    • contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.2


    • 7.3.1
    • contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.2


    • 7.3.1


    • 2019.2


    • 7.3.0


    • 19.1.1


    • 2.1.0

    What’s New in Detail

    BRIDGE 7.2.0

    xUML RUNTIME 2019.2

    • Improvements
    • Fixed
      • No bridgeserver.log on the first day of a year
      • Cannot cancel SOAP or REST adapter session (introduced 2018.3)
      • Runtime handles “If-Modified-Since” header incorrectly
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see xUML RUNTIME Release Notes).

    BUILDER 7.3.1

    • This BUILDER version contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.2.
    • Features and Improvements
      • Compiler: Compiler error message shall provide statement number when it belongs to an action script
      • Compiler: Detect accidental usage of UML Profile classes String, Integer, Boolean etc
      • OData importer: Add Etag as RESTParameter in header (see Implementing REST Methods > Output: Header Parameter)
    • Fixed
      • Compiler: Previous errors are not shown if exception occurs
      • Compiler: XPathException when recursive UI Service interface
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see BUILDER 7 Release Notes).

    ANALYZER 7.3.1

    API Management 7.3.0

    • Features and Improvements
      • Improve docker logging and set log rotation for docker logs (see API Management Logging)
      • Docker: Make elasticsearch host configurable in docker-compose and expose ports
      • Docker: Make aliases in keystore or/and key- and truststores configurable in docker-compose or .env
      • Docker: Support HTTPS for Elasticsearch (multiple host setup)
      • Docker: Switch to official oss-elasticsearch docker images without X-Pack
      • Redirect to login after session timeout
      • Improve the configuration (see API Management Installation Guide pp.)
      • Metrics tooltip in UI
    • Fixes
      • Support a second gateway
      • Policies: Rate Limiting Policy: Seems to fail under load
      • Docker: Login page is broken if self registration is disabled
      • Docker: The current docker-compose.yml does not work out of the box with Docker for Windows
      • Elasticsearch: Recreation of a plan after delete fails
      • WSDL file is not loaded via the gateway (see Troubleshooting API Management)
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see API Management Release Notes).

    Process Dashboard 19.1.1

    • Features and Improvements
      • Transaction logs ETL: data retention time per process (see Setting the Retention Time)
      • Transaction logs ETL: DWH on SQLServer uses “int” for PKs, should use “bigint”
    • Fixes
      • UI: AnalyticAPI provides steps if step criterion is in filter
      • UI: Multiple selection of same instance table entry per double click possible on instances list
      • UI: Export of users and profiles does not work
      • UI: Process Explorer: Instance count inconsistent if filter is active
      • Transaction logs ETL: Oracle: Custom Values type mismatch during ETL
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see Process Mining Release Notes).

    e2e-bridge-cli 2.1.0

    • Features and Improvements
      • Updated Node.js module e2e-bridge-lib 2.1.0
      • Managing users and groups

      • Ability to specify timeout for stopping services

      • Option to kill an already-running service on re-deploy

    • Fixes
      • Deliver: No error thrown if Bridge deployment option has a wrong type

    • For more information on this release, refer to the Github pages.
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