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    A new maintenance release of the E2E BRIDGE has been released. With this fifth edition of our E2E Developer Newsletter this year we inform you about the latest features and bug fixes of the E2E BRIDGE software components. As usual, you find all details in our release notes that are provided in our Online Documentation.

    In this release we present major improvements for REST. It is now much easier to call a REST service with our new REST Adapter. You now even can import OpenAPI service descriptions of the REST service you want to call. Don’t hesitate to check it out in our online documentation (see REST Adapter).

    Please note concerning the new REST Adapter and existing REST Service and Bridge API that they still have preview status. This means that we do not yet guarantee backwards compatibility from this version on.

    The Release at a Glance

    • both contain xUML Runtime 2016.9
    • (64-bit only)
    • both contain xUML Runtime 2016.9
    • (64-bit only)
    • 2016.9
    • 2.1.0
    • 1.1.9

    Please note that on all operating systems E2E BUILDER and E2E BRIDGE of version 6.0 are distributed in 64bit only.

    Important note: Whether or not you are required to upgrade one or more of your E2E BRIDGE platform components may depend on a variety of factors. Please check the relevant release notes for details. Please pay special attention to the Builder Release Notes and Analyzer Release Notes, which list all dependencies between Builder / Analyzer and xUML Runtime.

    What’s New in Detail


    • This Bridge version contains the E2E xUML Runtime 2016.9 with SAPNW.
    • Features and Improvements
      • This E2E BRIDGE contains the new Bridge API version 2.0.0.
        • Added self link to xUML service resource.
        • Link to Bridge API description (Open API file) in the sandwich menu in the upper right corner.
        • Display Bridge API version on Preferences page.
      • New Bridge design.
      • REST services: a link to the Open API file is displayed on the main service page.
    • Fixes
      • Persistent States
        • Null Pointer Exception on Persistent State tab (introduced
        • Display persistent state timestamps in local time.
        • “Reset filter” by persistent state search does not reset “Show objects” filter.
      • Custom UI of Node.js service is not displayed correctly.
      • Cannot display hourly transaction logs.
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see E2E BRIDGE Release Notes).

    E2E RUNTIME 2016.9

    • Features and Improvements
      • library update: libcurl 7.51.0.
    • Fixed
      • SOAP Adapter now can handle SOAP 1.2 errors.
      • REST Test Tool now respects order of grouped operations.
      • SQL adapter: memory leak fixed.
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see E2E Runtime Release Notes).



    • Features and Improvements
      • It is now possible to run asynchronous tracing in a secure way with HTTPS. To use this feature you need E2E BRIDGE
      • REST Adapter trace supported.
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see E2E ANALYZER Release Notes).


    E2E DASHBOARDS 1.1.9

    • Fixes
      • MySQL: huge BPMN process images can be saved.
      • Oracle: table creation script.
      • Match time between table view and diagrams.
    • See also E2E DASHBOARDS Release Notes.

    Kind regards,
    Your E2E Support Team

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