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    A new maintenance release of the E2E Bridge has been released. With this edition of our E2E Developer Newsletter we inform you about the latest features and bug fixes of the E2E Bridge software components. As usual, you find all details in our release notes that are provided in our Online Documentation.

    With this release we present the new Bridge API.

    Overview of the new E2E Bridge API

    Some Bridge resources now can be accessed via a RESTful E2E Bridge API and you can view the API documentation online via the Bridge’s user interface, for example you can get statuses of all services, and update service preferences and settings. In upcoming releases we will increase the number of resources that are accessible via the Bridge API.

    Please note that concerning the new Bridge API this is a preview release, which means that we do not yet guarantee backwards compatibility from this version on, as the Bridge API may be still subject of change.

    The Bridge API Documentation provides an OpenAPI 2.0 Specification for documentation and testing purposes.

    On this page, you can inspect the Bridge API interface and make HTTP calls to the resources.

    For more details, refer to our online documentation at E2E Bridge API.

    Migration Notes

    • With E2E Bridge we updated Node.js to Node.js LTS v4 Release 4.4.6. If you run Node.js services with native modules, the native modules must be updated to work with Node.js 4.4.x.
      If you use E2E Restifier for SAP 1.x, you have to update to version 2.0.0.

    The Release at a glance

    E2E BridgeE2E BuilderE2E AnalyzerE2E Runtime
    • (64-bit only)
    • both contain xUML Runtime 2016.5
    • (64-bit only)
    • both contain xUML Runtime 2016.5
    • (64-bit only)
    • 2016.5
    Please note that on all operating systems, E2E Builder and E2E Bridge of version 6.0 are distributed in 64bit only.

    Important note: Whether or not you are required to upgrade one or more of your E2E Bridge platform components may depend on a variety of factors. Please check the relevant release notes for details. Please pay special attention to the Builder Release Notes and Analyzer Release Notes, which list all dependencies between Builder / Analyzer and xUML Runtime.

    What’s new in detail

    The release provides new features and improvements in different areas, as well as bug fixes. These are the highlights:

    E2E Bridge

    E2E xUML Runtime 2016.5

    • Features and Improvements
      • REST documentation has the service name as Browser title
      • REST documentation better supports XML as input. A XML template is generated.
      • Each exception (class Error) has a time stamp. This is useful meta data if you store the Error object and retrieve it later.
    • Fixes
      • Some crashes are fixed so everyone should consider an update.
      • The operation classToXML() is fixed for arrays with empty elements.
    • See also E2E xUML Runtime Release Notes.

    E2E Builder

    • Features and Improvements
      • REST Service supports basic authentication, API token and security interceptor (see REST Service Authentication).
      • REST Service: Group related REST operation in the generated documentation.
      • The size of the E2E Action Script Editor window is remembered.
      • The SAP native type STRG is supported.
    • See also E2E Builder Release Notes.

    E2E Analyzer

    E2E Restifier for SAP 2.0.0:

    Kind regards,
    Your E2E Support Team

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