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    Our E2E Support Team is happy to introduce our new E2E Customer Support Service Desk! It improves the way our clients can raise support tickets and track their issues.
    This ticket system will be used for all communications which can then be tracked and managed by our technical team – and you who created the ticket.

    Our support portal helps if you like to manage your issues, to see your previous tickets or to raise new tickets. You benefit from tracking progress of your support tickets, viewing past tickets and monitoring all actions taken to assist you with a solution. You may also raise tickets to order or transfer an E2E license. Additionally, you can try to find a solution to your problem by searching our documentation in the search box.

    The usage of our support portal is simple. You can start as usual with writing an email to support@e2ebridge.com. Our ticket system will then create an account for you automatically, and you will receive an invitation email.

    Click Visit portal to set your password and enter the portal.

    Once your account is created and your password is set, you can directly access the portal via

    You may use the portal or just reply to the emails you receive from our support team, like you were used to in the past.

    With Christmas greetings,
    Your E2E Support Team

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