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    Dear Developers,

    a new maintenance release of the E2E Bridge has been released. With this edition of our E2E Developer Newsletter we inform you about the latest features and bug fixes of the E2E Bridge software components. As usual, you find all details in our release notes that are provided in our Online Documentation.
    Starting with this release, the E2E Builder helps you with the task of migrating your Builder projects to MagicDraw 18. If you like to work with MagicDraw 18.0, just drop an email to our support team in order to receive an upgraded license for free.


    Read Migrating Builder Projects to MagicDraw 18 to learn more!
    Builder for MagicDraw 18.0 supports the import of Java classes which are compiled with Java 8 or older. Additionally, you need a Bridge as of to run services with a Java adapter.
    Builder for MagicDraw 16.9 and 17.0 remain with Java 6 or older.

    The Release at a glance:

    E2E Bridge

    • (64-bit only)

    E2E Builder

    • (64-bit only)
    • both contain xUML Runtime 2015.17

    E2E Analyzer

    • (64-bit only)

    E2E xUML Runtime

    • 2015.17

    Please note that on all operating systems, E2E Builder and E2E Bridge of version 6.0 are distributed in 64bit only.

    Important note: Whether or not you are required to upgrade one or more of your E2E Bridge platform components may depend on a variety of factors. Please check the relevant release notes for details. Please pay special attention to the Builder Release Notes and Analyzer Release Notes, which list all dependencies between Builder / Analyzer and xUML Runtime.

    What’s new in detail

    The release provides new features and improvements in different areas, as well as bug fixes. These are the highlights:

    E2E Bridge

    • This Bridge version contains E2E xUML Runtime 2015.17 with SAPNW.
    • Features and improvements
      • Java Runtime updated to version 8u60.
      • Node.js Service settings support arrays now.
      • SOAP/XML adapter: generate CDATA elements.
        The XML Composer now can compose strings as CDATA. You need:

        • <<XMLElement>> stereotype
        • xmlFormat = CDATA tag value
        • classToXML() or <<SOAPDocumentOperation>>
        • Does not work for SOAP/RPC encoding.
    • Fixes
      • SOAP message parsing does not handle default namespaces correctly. Related to SOAP Document Encoding.
      • Solaris 11 installation problems.
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see E2E Bridge Release Notes).


    E2E xUML Runtime 2015.17

    • Features
      • SQL Adapter supports Unicode and non-Unicode mode (see SQL Deployment).
      • Result sets are now supported as return type of stored procedures (see Stored Procedures, needs Builder
    • Improvements
      • OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2d.
      • libSSH2 updated to 1.6.0.
      • cURL updated to 7.44.0.
    • See also E2E xUML Runtime Release Notes.


    E2E Builder

    • This Builder version contains E2E xUML Runtime 2015.17 with SAPNW.
    • Features and improvements
      • MagicDraw 18: Java adapter uses Java compiler 8 from JDK 8.
        MagicDraw 18.0 Service Pack 4 is required to use the Java adapter since this Builder version.
      • Migration process from MagicDraw 17.0 to MagicDraw 18.0 (see Migrating Builder Projects to MagicDraw 18).
      • Result sets are now supported as return type of stored procedures (see Stored Procedures, needs Runtime 2015.17).
      • Ability to select Unicode or non-Unicode mode for SQL Adapter (requires Runtime 2015.17).
      • New Edifact versions till D10B and X12 versions till 6020 supported (see Edifact and X12 Versions overview).
    • Fixes
      • Installer: MD17 on Linux: Can’t start embedded service.
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see E2E Builder Release Notes).


    E2E Analyzer

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support at support@e2ebridge.com.
    Kind regards,
    Your Support Team

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