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    A new maintenance release of the E2E Bridge has been released. With this edition of our E2E Developer Newsletter we inform you about the latest features and bug fixes of the E2E Bridge software components. As usual, you find all details in our release notes that are provided in our Online Documentation.

    With this release, we officially announce support for SAP NetWeaver libraries. In 2009, SAP started to replace its SAP client library librfc32u.dll by a new, re-factored one: sapnwrfc.dll (SAP NetWeaver, SAPNW). Now, SAP has decommitted the old library, so the SAP Adapter of the E2E Bridge had to be changed to use the new library.

    • Starting with this Bridge release, the E2E Bridge is shipped with the new SAPNW package installed.

      Currently, we will provide both packages with each xUML Runtime version: SAP and SAPNW.

      As of March, 2016, SAP will not support the old library anymore. From then on, we also will not provide the old SAP package anymore.

    • Starting with this Builder Release, the E2E Builder is shipped with the new SAPNW package as part of the embedded xUML Runtime.

    For more information, in particular for information on whether or how you are concerned by this change and what to do in this case, please refer to our online documentation: Migrating SAP Services to SAP NetWeaver.

    The Release at a glance:

    E2E Bridge
    • (64-bit only)
    • both contain xUML Runtime 2015.6
    E2E xUML Runtime
    • 2015.6 BASE
    • 2015.6 SAPNW (new)
    • 2015.6 SAP
    E2E Builder
    • (64-bit only)
      • Since this Builder release, we also support MagicDraw 18.0. Please contact us at support@e2ebridge.com regarding a license, if you are interested in using MagicDraw 18.
      • Since this Builder release, we also support a Linux installation of MagicDraw. This applies to MagicDraw 17.0 and 18.0.
    E2E Analyzer
    E2E Restifier for SAP
    • Release 1.0 available now!
    • To learn more, you may want to watch our recorded webcast where we introduce the RESTifier (15 minutes each). If you are interested to give it a try, please contact our support.

    Important note: The E2E Bridge platform components depend on each other. Whether or not you are required to upgrade one or more of your components may depend on a variety of factors.
    Please check the relevant release notes for details. Please pay special attention to the Builder Release Notes and Analyzer Release Notes, which list all dependencies between Builder / Analyzer and xUML Runtime.

    What’s new in detail

    The release provides new features and improvements in different areas, as well as bug fixes. These are the highlights:

    E2E Bridge

    E2E xUML Runtime 2015.6

    • Features and Improvements
      • Flat File composer: performance improved for zero values.
      • Flat File Parser: add possibility to surpress empty strings when parsing.
      • JSON composer can write null values.
      • Linux (64 bit) and Solaris x86: openssl updated to 1.0.0l.
      • SAP nwrfcsdk updated to 7.20.33.
    • Fixes
      • Memory map is missing after removing a single element.
      • Service crashes upon deleting a mail without subject (POP3 adapter action commit).
    • Other bugfixes and improvements (see E2E xUML Runtime Release Notes)

    E2E Builder

    • This Builder version contains E2E xUML Runtime 2015.6 with SAPNW.
    • Features and improvements
      • The Builder (including embedded Runtime) is now supported on Linux systems.
      • Possibility to set the SAP padding (see Frontend Components).
      • Possibility to access Bridge log from XSLT scripts.
      • “E2E Modeler” perspective delivered together with the Builder (see E2E Builder for MagicDraw Basics).
      • UI DateTime Field also supports time (see Date Chooser).
      • Possibility to specify accepted HTTP codes when performing a SOAP call (see Accessing HTTP Headers of a SOAP Call).
      • Support IDOC flat file with multiple IDoc records (see Reading IDocs From File).
      • String Parsing: Possibility to suppress empty strings added.
      • classToJson() accepts options parameter.
      • Possibility to specify encoding in classToXml() options (see classToXML() Operation).
    • Other bugfixes and improvements (see E2E Builder Release Notes).

    E2E Analyzer

    • Features and improvements
      • SOAP 1.2 support in test cases implemented.
      • Possibility to overwrite settings and preferences when deploying a service.
    • Other bugfixes and improvements (see E2E Analyzer Release Notes).
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