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    Dear E2E Bridge Users,

    With this edition of our E2E Developer Newsletter we inform you about the latest features and bug fixes of the maintenance release for E2E Builder and E2E Analyzer. As usual, you find all details in our release notes that are provided in our Online Documentation.


    E2E Builder 

    • (x64 and x86)
    • (only x64)

    E2E Analyzer

    • (exe and tar)
    • (exe and tar)

    Please note that E2E Builder and E2E Server on all operation systems in version 6.0 are distributed in 64bit only. For the development environment this means, that used client libraries (for instance for databases) must be 64bit as well. You have to install MagicDraw 64bit as well.

    We now support the following operating system for the E2E Bridge:

    • E2E Analyzer 5.1 and 6.0 now is also supported on Linux. Installers are provided as tar-file.Please note that no license file is required anymore in general for the Analyzer!
    • The E2E Builder also supports Windows 8.
    • The Server also supports Windows Server 2012 R2. The latest release (Console / and Runtime 2013.5) will already work on this OS.

    Important note: Whether or not you are required to upgrade one or more of your E2E Bridge platform components may depend on a variety of factors. Please check the relevant release notes for details. Please pay special attention to the Builder Release Notes and Analyzer Release Notes, which list all dependencies between Builder / Analyzer and Runtime.

    What’s new: The release provides additional capabilities in different areas, as well as bug fixes. These are the highlights:

    E2E Builder /

    • This Builder uses the Runtime 2013.5.
    • Feature: Compiler: E2EAcceptEventAction – timeout is now a setting in the Console.
    • Bugfix: Compiler: Aliases defined in libraries are exposed to the consuming model.
    • Bugfix: Compiler: Allow only one simplified component definition per UML file.
    • Bugfix: No busy cursor or progress bar when creating / opening a project.
    • Libraries: Fix for reimport of libraries: Resulted in empty package for persistent state objects.
    • Some bugfixes in the Java Addon.
    • Other bugfixes.

    E2E Analyzer /

    • The Analyzer is now license free!
    • The Analyzer is now also available for Linux.
    • Regression Test Tool: Support deploy and compile tasks for regression tests.
    • Trace Analyzer: Supports inheritance now. New feature: Allow to manipulate the default / custom test location upon WSDL import: When importing a WSDL from repository, today the Analyzer takes over the SOAP endpoint from the WSDL as default test location. This endpoint is derived from the host configured in the deployment diagram in the model. However, the model runs only on this configured host, that’s why in general we use “localhost” in the deployment diagram. With the simplified component diagram, there is no deployment diagram anymore, so the default test location would always be on “localhost”. In order to overcome this, you can now specify the custom test location when importing the WSDL.
    • Other bug fixes in the Trace Analyzer and Regression Test Tool. E.g. several refresh issues on asynchronous trace.


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support at the support@e2ebridge.com alias.

    Kind regards,
    Your E2E Support Team

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