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Changing-Parameter with RFC_WSDL_Generator

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    i use the “RFC WSDL Generator” (v 2.1) to generate a WSDL-File of a SAP RFC. The data structure in SAP contains “Export”-, “Tables”- and “Changing”-Parameter. But the generated WSDL contains only the following Types:


    <ns0:message name=”Request”>
    <ns0:part name=”tables” type=”typens:Tables”/>
    <ns0:message name=”Response”>
    <ns0:part name=”export” type=”typens:Export”/>
    <ns0:part name=”tables” type=”typens:Tables”/>


    Is there a way to create the WSDL with the Changing-Parameter?


    Hi Soeren,

    the current version of the RFC_WSDL_Generator does not support Changing Parameters. We have never had this requirement before.

    A possible work-around might be that you create the class of the changing parameter manually and enhance the RFC interface accordingly. But I’m not sure whether our RFC adapter can cope this additional parameter.

    In case this is an important requirement in your project and the suggested work-around is not working or feasible for you, please come back to discuss how we can support this with the E2E Bridge.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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