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    With this edition of our Developer Newsletter we inform you about the latest features and bug fixes of the BRIDGE 7 software components. As usual, you can find all details in our  release notes that are provided in our Online Documentation .

    New With This Release

    The Release at a Glance


    • 7.7.0
    • contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.12


    • 7.7.0
    • contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.12


    • 7.7.0


    • 2019.12

    What’s New in Detail

    xUML RUNTIME 2019.12

    • Features and Improvements
      • Automatic migration of <<External>> PS Attributes
    • Fixed
      • Startup crash if SOAP Server has invalid PortNumber element
      • Log fatal errors in bridgeserver.log
      • List of pstate classes has duplicate entries
      • Service with pstate does not start: [PSADLM][43][Detected objects for which no metadata exist in the repository…]
      • XML Parser: Not all entities downloaded with curl
      • Crash in SQLAdapter::getHandle if database connection fails (introduced 2018.3)
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see  xUML RUNTIME Release Notes).

    BRIDGE 7.7.0

    • This BRIDGE version contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.12.
    • Features and Improvements
      • Updated: Node.js 12.14.0 LTS with npm 6.13.4, Tomcat 9.0.29, Apache httpd 2.4.41
      • Installer: Java 11.0.5 (LTS)
      • Bridge API: GET /services/xuml/{name}/info returns control port
      • Bridge API: BRIDGE API should return swagger url from console instead of url from service
      • Bridge API, Docker: BRIDGE API has to use the Port you specified in docker-compose.yml
      • Docker: Allow to change BRIDGE instance name after installation (see Installing the BRIDGE Image to a Docker Container)
      • Support JSON in log search (see Logging of Node.js Services)
    • Fixed
      • Service startup succeeds despite corrupt changedSettings.xml using original settings from model
      • Exception when deploying an xUML service
      • Data section of pstate details shows carriage return in Unicode Hex “&#xd;” at each end of line
      • Installer: Directory “<bridge_prog>/node” isn’t cleaned before updating
      • Bridge API: Do not provide Runtime API via BRIDGE API in service infos
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see BRIDGE 7 Release Notes).

    BUILDER 7.7.0

    • This BUILDER version contains xUML RUNTIME 2019.12.
    • Features and Improvements
      • JavaAddOn: Runtime errors of the JavaAddOn have distinct error codes in bridgeserver.log
      • Script Editor: ActionScript Editor goto statement or line number (see Action Script Editor Menu Overview and Working with the Deployment View > Messages)
      • Script Editor: mapEqualNamesIfExists() macro is not auto-suggested by ActionScript editor
      • Examples: Update all Excel / Spreadsheet examples with new Excel libs: BigExcel Generator 6.0, Spreadsheet Adapter 3.0, Excel Generator 3.0
    • Fixed
      • Examples: Spreadsheet Adapter: Operation createWorkbook blocks the file (libSpreadsheet 2.6, SpreadsheetAdapter 1.0.6, Apache POI 4.1)
      • Examples: Wrong screen shot for MonitoringExample description
      • Can not compile imported wsdl with url parameters in namespace
      • Creation of new BUILDER model fails if extention .xml is not provided
      • Importer: Cannot import archive file resource
    • Other bug fixes and improvements (see BUILDER 7 Release Notes).

    ANALYZER 7.7.0

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