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At one of our customers, LDAP is used for the lookup of different connection parameters:
* JMS: JNDI lookup in LDAP
* DB: TNSname lookup in LDAP

Still, identical backend component parameters are redundantly configured, both within one service (e.g. more than one jms listener) and across different services.

In order to overcome this, I think an own solution based on dynamical backend calls would indeed be useful, especially if the number of services (and thus redundancies) keeps growing.

Are there any further limitations, besides calls to SQL adapters? From the top of my head, at the moment de-central management of settings cannot be avoided for:
– external persistent state db settings (db name / credentials, number of workers)
– java virtual machine parameters (?)
– jms listeners (?)
– further settings per service apart from backend details (dump settings, log levels, tracing etc.)