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Dear Andrea
thank you for your interest about our solutions. Yes, you are right regarding the requirements for the S/4-CA-ALE certification.

For the certification test procedure we have used one of our standard solution, the SafeConnect For SAP. This is a collection of prepared and adjustable components. SafeConnect provides a reliable and fast IDOC exchange between SAP R3 resp. SAP Hana/S4 and E2E Server and is able to handle several scenarios depending on the particular requirements.

In the simplest scenario, SafeConnect delivers the IDOC to a SAP instance:
Deliver IDOCs to SAP
In this scenario we have one or more IDOC Creating Services which do create any IDOC types and push it then via SOAP to the SafeConnect Service. The SafeConnect Service is then responsible to forward the IDOCs into the IDOC Inbound queue of the connected SAP instance.

In a little more complex scenario, SafeConnect receives IDOCs from SAP and provides them to other processing services:
Receive IDOCs from SAP
In this case we have one (or even more) SafeConnect Service Instance that connects a SAP Server Instance and acts as a server invoked by SAP. When SAP sends IDOC to this SafeConnect Service, it will be provided to one or more IDOC Processing Services, depending on the Routing Rules specified. It may be forwarded to one or more IDOC Processing Services or the IDOC is queued in SafeConnect until it is picked up by a IDOC Processing Service.

The SafeConnect is of course able to combine both scenarios from above and receive and deliver IDOCs in parallel at the same time, whether on the same server or on two different servers.
Exchange IDOC from one SAP Instance to antoher
This scenario illustrated the exchange of IDOCs between two remote SAP Servers and it’s assumed that no IDOC conversation is necessary, the IDOC can be exchanged 1:1. However, also IDOC conversation is feasible.

We have the SafeConnect for SAP running currently at several of our customers, some with high requirements in terms of the amount of IDOCs, means several hundred thousands within a few hours. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you like to know what SafeConnect For SAP can do for you and your IDOC challenges.